The Graffiti Wall Art of Hollywood, Florida

Today, the Fort Lauderdale adventure continues and we’re moving to the Greater Fort Lauderdale area for an bright spot I think you will agree is well worth a visit. This is the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project in Hollywood, Florida. Dozens of the world’s most celebrated graffiti artists were brought to the area to decorate the walls of alleys, street corners and even parking garages. The end result is a city that has a functioning, live, out in the open art gallery and it’s simply spectacular.

I visited the graffiti walls of Hollywood, Florida, on a day when the skies were a glorious blue, the temperatures were a balmy 97 degrees and the sun was not about to let up on the streets of the city centre. A very informative and passionate tour guide took me around the two dozen or so murals dotted around the city and offered up more information than I could have ever hoped for as my eyes bulged from sockets in excitement at what was on display before me. Everyone from Kenny Scharf to The London Police have contributed their talents to the project. So, whether you are a tourist looking for a bright and beautiful cultural walk or a fashion blogger looking for some killer backgrounds for pictures, this should most definitely be on your radar! 

All you need to know: Downtown Hollywood Mural Project Map

When to visit? That’s a trick question. It’s always sunny and beautiful in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Now, here’s a quick scan of what to expect…. 


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