Style Update: The Supermarket Dress Discovery

When it comes to finding fashions I love, it doesn’t seem to matter where I come across them. Love is love. So, yes, it did surprise me when I found this dress on my way into a supermarket where I was running in to buy some cheese. Cheese, people. I went in for cheese and I came out with a summer dress.

Such is the way with Sainsbury’s in the UK. And this dress, well, this dress was £25. So my total came to £28.25. An expensive cheese trip, but a not so expensive fab find for my closet. And yes, I had to share the score with you, because my excitement was a little over the top in finding this and knowing exactly how I was going to wear it when I clapped eyes on it. I’m pretty sure Mr. FFG thought I had won the lottery when I returned to the car. But hey, I sorta did win the fashion lottery. 


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