Style Update: Only the brightest and coziest pink sweater

I love pairing brights and monochromatics. It all feels so very 1950s, especially when we’re talking about a gingham and wide collar sweater mix. Paging Don Draper!

But, we’re not in the days of old. This is 2017 and the gingham is a little looser, the shoes are just that bit funkier and the knitwear is brighter than it has ever been. We also live in a world where we can be free with fashion. We can wear nearly whatever the heck we want, so why not go into life with bright colours and bold choices? You only get one shot here folks, at life, at a first impression, at wearing a killer colour. So go big of go home! 

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Sweater, Gingham Trousers, Pink Bag, Turquoise heels


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