Style Update: The dress and cardi combination reigns supreme

I swear the dress/cardigan combo is as tattooed on my style conscious as the Canadian Tuxedo. Just gotta have it and can’t help myself. I blame the southern upbringing, the all girls school education and the idolisation of Charlotte York from Sex and The City. The combo equals a woman that’s a cardigan obsessive, for better or for worse.

And yes, I could wax lyrical about the importance of finding your perfect cardigan -the length, the fabric, the colour combination. But instead, I’ll just say, as I do with all style moments, that you just know when the perfect pairing has been found. So, if you aren’t a knitwear crazed lunatic as I am, this might not be your cup of tea. The dress, however, is right up everyone’s alley… no matter what your budget! Happy shopping!

What I’m Wearing:

Navy Blue Print Dress, Cardigan, Earrings, Sandals


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