Postcards from Lake Como: A mini getaway at Castadiva Resort & Spa

Lake Como…. where to start. Perhaps I’ll start with the most common turn of phrase used when anyone at a dinner party mentions this Italian getaway. If someone’s isn’t immediately referring to this part of the world as “heaven on earth,” there will most certainly be someone else close by declaring it the true definition of paradise. To see Lake Como and experience the food, the culture and the people, is like nothing you will have ever done before. Ok, I see that at this point it may be easy for you to claim I am being “dramatic.” Ask someone else, anyone else, that’s been to Lake Como, what their thoughts are on the destination. If they disagree with me, I’ll eat my Italian silk scarf. How’s that for confidence on this dream vacation spot?

Last month I spent three days on Lake Como, visiting with CastaDiva Resort & Spa. Located just a stone’s throw from the town of Como, CastaDiva might as well feel miles away from any sort of “real life.” A total of nine villas occupy a six acre plot of land with a view of Lake Como that is simply breathtaking. While the villas themselves are steeped in history, the newly renovated rooms afford guests with all the modern comforts and luxuries we’ve come to expect in a five star hotel these days. And if you’re visiting in the summer months, you’ll have a new appreciation for their most excellent air conditioning system. Worth mentioning as the weekend I was there temperatures soared to about 100 degrees and there wasn’t a breeze to speak of. I must admit, even Lake Como becomes less desirable in these conditions.

If we weren’t lounging by the floating pool of CastaDiva with a cocktail in hand (I know, it’s a hard life), we could be found eating the famous risotto of chef Enrico Derflingher (lovingly referred to as “The Royal Chef” after his stint at Buckingham Palace) or enjoying the delights of one of the largest spas on Lake Como. Every single place one could find to sit while in residence seemed to have a humbling view. Every single bite of any food left us wishing we had bigger bellies. And of course the idea of leaving to return to London was the furthest thing from any of our minds. 

We left the resort for one day and one day only in our short visit and that was for a journey to Bellagio. We docked at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and made our way into town for a fish lunch with a view of the water, followed by a wander around the enchanting cobbled lanes of the village. To visit Lake Como and not stop into Bellagio would be a great shame indeed (do not let this happen to you… make sure it’s on the itinerary…this is important!). 

Naturally, I had my camera by my side from the moment we touched down in Milan until the point of departure for London. So, I thought I’d share a little photo diary with you to give you further inspiration to BOOK THAT TICKET (Sorry, I was trying to do a “move that bus” thing…. this will only translate if you are American or watch American TV). 

Anyway, enjoy… 


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