Flying Beauty: The moisturiser every frequent flyer needs now!

Ladies and gents, I have just come off a 20 hour travel day and I have to tell you that I was expecting to look like I’d just been dragged through a hedge backwards. Instead, the selfie you see above is me aboard the Gatwick Express, at the end of the journey, with zero makeup (apart from mascara) and one hell of a beauty tip to pass over to you right now. In fact, I can’t believe I’m still awake to write this. So do pardon me if there are any run-on sentences or typos. I want to introduce you to the moisturiser every traveller must have in their carry on luggage. This is no joke, it’s the real deal. This is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream

I received a bottle of this goodness from Charlotte a few months ago and hadn’t had a chance to trial it before yesterday. Then, I took it out of hiding, opened the jar and was immediately taken in by the heavenly scent. It’s a pretty thick moisturiser, so I threw it in my bag to give it a chance at fighting the dreaded dull skin that an airplane gives you after even one hour on board. The results are insane. I slathered the cream on my face, neck and chest just after boarding the plane, went to sleep, and woke up to the most glowing skin I’ve ever encountered in my life…. and I was waking up on an airplane. See why I might be excited? 

So here’s what you need to know. First of all, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream is £100. Seems pricey, but it’s a big bottle, you don’t need a lot of the product for it to work and it’s an investment in your skin. Need I say more? The cream has 8 ingredients that are key for creating a radiant complexion: Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract, Time Released Retinol, Red Algae Marigel, BioNymph Peptide Complex, Olus Oil and Caster Seed Oil, just to name a few. Research claims the miracle in a bottle will transform dull skin, reduce wrinkles, boost elasticity and leave you velvety smooth skin. Well, I can definitely vouch for the velvet skin and dull skin killing properties, as you can tell.

Basically, I’m a convert. I used to swear by Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, but I must confess that this has been placed on the shelf and Charlotte Tilbury has an official place in the travel bag. Get excited, ladies. This is a facial in a bottle that works miracles while you sleep. Grab it now. This will sell out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 


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