Beauty Knowledge: How to use Sea Salt Spray

We’re in August now, people, and for so many of us that means vacation time. However, whether you are headed to a deserted island destination or sticking out in the city, you can still score the same hair style. Yup, I’m about to hit you with everything you need to know about the summer’s hottest hair product: Sea Salt Spray. Stylists are constantly talking about using it, celebs say they swear by it and sea salt spray itself keeps flying off shelves everywhere, so what’s the deal? I’ve asked around, done some research and found everything you need know about the dos and donts of using sea salt spray, as well as putting some random myths to bed. Read on, dear reader. 

Let’s start with the basics. What is sea salt spray?

The easiest explanation is this: sea salt spray is a day by the ocean in a bottle. Ever seen Splash? Who didn’t love Daryl Hannah’s hair? Or wishing you looked like a Victoria’s Secret model on a bikini look book shoot? I can’t help you with the body, but the hair is totally doable. Sea salt spray comes in about 100 different formulas across dozens of brands, so there isn’t an exact science for what’s in the magic bottle. See what I mean about it being more about the results than the ingredients at this level? Sea Salt Spray is simply the product you use to give you the look that says “I’m a surfing goddess who’s just come from the sea.” Simple enough, right? 

Why should I be using it?

Sea salt spray is a volume whisperer. No, really. This is the product that gives limp locks some serious umpf. It can also help you with keeping frizz at bay and can be a real hair game-changer if you need a quick restyle. But, it’s all about how you use it…

How do I use it?

Now we get to the important bits. Basically, there are three schools of thought for using sea salt spray. Some people use it before blowdrying their hair for more volume, others use it after they finish blowdrying to create more texture, and some use it for both purposes in the same session. The important thing to remember is it’s all about finding what works for you and building on that. Now, let’s dig a little deeper. 

Let’s say you want to use the product for airdrying your hair. This is probably the easiest (and my favourite way) to use sea salt spray. Simply spritz the product on wet or towel dried hair and scrunch the hair from the ends up. Basically use what I call the “cup method.” Form a cup with your hand, gather a section of hair in the palm of your hand, push up and lightly squeeze. Then just leave to dry naturally. You’ll be left with locks that truly are mermaid worthy!

If you’re an airdryer that needs a bit more time, as you’re working with thicker hair, try applying the product and throwing your hair into a loose braid or a few top knots before sleeping. The next morning, release the hair and lightly spritz again to add volume and texture. 

If you’re lucky enough to actually be at the ocean, you can also use sea salt spray to extend the natural waves that seaside has given you. Spray along the lengths of the hair and the hair framing the face and you’ll give your natural look a more defined texture!

Now, if you want a cleaner look, opt for the tong and spritz method (as I’m modelling above). Blowdry the hair, tong sections to give a sleek curl and then give the whole look a messy texture by applying the product mid-lengths to the ends and scrunch away. 

My biggest usage tip for any person using sea salt spray for the first time would be to AVOID THE ROOTS, unless the hair is wet, otherwise you’re just giving yourself an unnecessary greasy look! Sea salt spray usually works better throughout the mid lengths and ends of hair. Just saying. 

And remember, you also have to keep in mind that the amount of product you use depends on your hair. More product isn’t always better. Start small and build up, especially if you have thick hair. 

Does sea salt spray work on straight hair? 

Absolutely! As mentioned above, a tong can be your best friend in creating a wavy look and the sea salt spray can be added to give that look more texture and volume. 

What about thick and curly hair?

It’s ideal for thick and curly hair! Throw it on dry curls to enhance what the good lord gave ya! Or spritz on the spray after your shower and let your hair air dry, combing through before and after applying the product. 

Is sea salt spray just for summer?

Hell no! Sea salt spray is a miracle worker at bringing back limp and lifeless hat hair and is also great for fighting static cling we all battle come the winter months! There are also so many sea salt sprays that have heavenly scents that will keep your mind away from the snow outside and concentrated on tropical beaches in your future. 

Can guys use it too?

Absolutely. All the same rules apply! Get styling, dudes!

Now, before we go, a word of warning…. 

Sea salt spray has a tendency to dry out hair, so probably best not to use everyday, or if you do make sure you use a deep conditioner on your hair once a week to protect it against drying out. You can also pair your sea salt spray with another product if you find you are getting a more dried out look than you would like. Serums can be a godsend here. 

Test until you find what’s right for you. If you are buying from a drugstore (and don’t you dare tell them I recommended you do this… ), spray a tiny bit on your hand and run over a strand. If you are getting crunch in your hair, this probably isn’t the one for you. Sea Salt Spray is not meant to give you crunchy hair… just great texture. There is a distinct difference).

Where do I buy it? 

Like I mentioned before, there are hundreds of different sea salt sprays on the market today. The product I used in the pictures above is the Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray. It smells heavenly, delivers a perfect texture and even has ingredients that help promote healthy hair! As a plus point, it’s also a purchase that has a charitable side to it. A portion of proceeds goes to the Flamingos Project, an initiative working to help endangered species in the Galapagos Islands. 

Happy Sea Salt Spraying, everyone and hope this helped!


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