What to wear: Provence, France

The pressure in packing these days is enough to drive a woman to insanity. Now, take that pressure and put it into a carry-on only situation for four days away. I’m sure you can picture the state of my house after trying to pack for such a getaway. There must have been fifty pairs of shoes, over four dozen dresses and endless separates thrown about the house, like a hurricane had come through and only hit my closet. How anyone lives with me when these things happen, I’ll never know. But, come the morning of departure, I was packed and ready to go and feeling a-ok about the clothing situation. My trick? Pack dresses and multi-use items. For example, if you’re packing a scarf, make sure it can be worn as a sarong, skirt, head scarf and belt. Ok, that’s extreme, but you know what I mean. This is all about your wardrobe working for you. 

Now, let’s get down to what it is I actually packed. I knew this would be a town, country and sea sort of adventure, so I had a little something for everything and it goes like this…

Wearing: Free People Shirt, Lindex SkirtNext Sandals, Ralph Lauren Bag

Wearing: Mint Velvet Dress, NEXT Shoes, Marks & Spencer hat

Wearing: Marks & Spencer Dress, vintage Hermes Belt, Coach Loafers 

 Wearing: Lindex Dress, Marks & Spencer Hat, NEXT sandals

Wearing: Zara Scarf, Marks & Spencer Hat

Wearing: Urban Outfitters DressMarks & Spencer hat


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