Style Update: Shoulders on show & the perfect strapless bra

There is no way to sugarcoat this for you, ladies. Strapless dresses are tough. I’ve yet to meet a woman who will praise the strapless bra. Yet, some of the prettiest dresses out there are off the shoulder or entirely strapless. So, we have a dilemma on our hands. How does one wear a beautiful strapless dress for a day out and not feel as if she’s battling with her undergarments for eight hours. Is there a solution? 

Well, for me Wacoal has always been my go to. With this dress I’m wearing the b. Charming Bandeau bra (as one doesn’t really need more than a bandeau in this situation). But, I also swear by the Red Carpet bra from Wacoal, with dresses that need a bit more structure (I also have three strapless bras from Marks & Spencer on rotation that I’m trialling… will get back to you on those). My best advice is to try before you buy. Go into department stores or specialty stores and get assistance. Explain your dress, or even bring it with you, and ask for help. These people are professionals and so many of us need to learn that asking for help with undergarments is essential. Most of the style mistakes we see on the streets are due to the wrong foundation garments lurking below the clothing itself. Don’t fall into this category. It’s just too easy to sort it out!

What I’m Wearing:

Strapless Dress, Pink Suede Slides 


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