Style Update: The perfect golden moment for summer

Do you guys find that you lean to either gold or silver when it comes to jewellery? I remember as a teenager I would only wear silver. I thought wearing gold was for old ladies. That’s probably because I was so used to seeing my grandmother sit at the kitchen table, beautiful gold rings dancing in the light on her fingers. I was a teenager, wanting to be completely different from every person that was seen as an authoritative figure. What a rebel, right? Hardly. When I moved to Italy, aged 20, I fell off the silver wagon and embraced the beauty of rich gold on tanned skin. I couldn’t get enough. I loved watching the beautiful olive-skinned Italian women stroll the streets of Florence with giant gold bangles and massive gold statement earrings. They wore the jewels of the city with elegance and sophistication. I was reborn a lover of all things yellow gold, and yellow gold only.

Fast forward nearly two decades (let’s not focus too much on age here), and my taste in jewellery remains on the side of yellow gold, but is most definitely embracing simplicity in style. I love bright colours in everything from earrings to sandals, but when it comes to my metals I stick with the classics.

Recently, Links of London asked me to choose a few of my favourite pieces from their current collection and I found myself spoilt for choice. These are truly timeless creations, so beautifully and carefully made, that they will most definitely be passed down to future generations. Now I just have to hope my own daughter doesn’t one day decide her mother’s fashion tastes aren’t cool enough to mimic. 

If you are on the hunt for the perfect piece for summer gold, I’d look into the Links of London Yellow Gold Vermeil Capture Charm Bracelet, Links of London Ascot Diamond Essentials Horseshoe Ring, or the Links of London Essentials Beaded Necklace

And if you’re wondering about this gorgeous lavender field, it’s just a hop, skip and jump outside of London and in full bloom!

Written in collaboration with Links of London.


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