Style Update: A lighter shade of camouflage

I have this rule when it comes to shopping. I will only ever buy a piece when I can see immediately how I’ll wear it with pieces that already exist in my closet. If a “way to wear” doesn’t present itself immediately, the piece goes back on the shelf. Simple as that, really. Herewith, I have the perfect example.

I came across this beige camo jacket and it took me exactly one second to know that it was made for combining with my favourite culottes. I had ordered it online and couldn’t get it out of my head after doing so. I had the outfit planned from top to toe and wanted it now (man, that makes me sound like that terrible girl from Willy Wonka – “I want it now, daddy.”). Five minutes after the package arrived, this is me, making it my own. The next wear will most definitely involve half a dozen broaches and a pair of skinny jeans. Just saying. 


Camo Jacket, Culottes (on sale), Silk Camisole, Heels, Necklace


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