Style Update: Gingham going…

The weather this time of year, in London, is most certainly a funny state of affairs. One day we’re all so hot we can barely breathe and the next our teeth are chattering fiercely as we travel to and from work. How is one to know what to wear under these sort of circumstances? Well, this is why the British are so fabulous at the art of layering. We Londoners don’t layer so much for fashion, but more for practical reasons. The weather can change at the drop of a hat and you had better be ready to adjust alongside it. That’s the advice I always hand out for any visitors to The Big Smoke – pack your layers. It’s forever useful and always appreciated. When the temperature fluctuates 30 degrees from one day to the next, you’ll thank me.

Anyway, this of course all leads me to today’s style update, which is, again, a lesson in layering. Although it might not be the best one as my legs were freezing about thirty minutes after this picture was taken. I still felt chic as hell in the ensemble, but it’s definitely a cab to curb outfit only when the UK’s weather decides to dip into fall-like temperatures in June. Just a note, however, on the clothing… it’s all in sale!!!! Now, go forth and spend. 😉

What I’m Wearing: 

Marina Rinaldi Gingham Crepe Dress, Marina Rinaldi Double Wool and Angora Cape


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