London Restaurants: Lunch at Bronte, Trafalgar Square

Ready for another London restaurant instagram star? Get out your planners and find a date to lunch or brunch at Bronte. This is not your average pastel themed eatery. Oh no, this is a restaurant that, as posh as it may be, will have you considering the idea of licking your plate clean. 

I found myself at lunch with Bronte last week, as the sun was still weighing up the pluses and minuses of coming out to play. I dined with a dear friend and we sat on the terrace, which has a pretty good view of Trafalgar Square. It’s July, so tourist watching is at its best. The staff, all impeccably attired and sweeter than our champagne cocktails, gave us an ideal table with natural light and an ever so slight breeze coming down the Strand from Somerset House way. If the start was anything to go by, this whole experience was going to be one to remember. 

I’m pleased to report that the entire meal was smooth sailing with sounds of pure joy coming from both myself and my guest as each course arrived at the table. But, let’s take a step back here for a second before we get well into food chatter. If you are looking at these interiors and thinking to yourself “why does this all look so fabulous yet so familiar?” Well, the familiar comes from the fact that the interior space is designed by Tom Dixon, yes the famed Brit who has been rocking the interiors world for a while now. Whatever you do, don’t just book a table and not take the chance to wander around. This is an interior design dream. So much inspo around every corner. 

Now that we’ve covered interiors, let’s come back to the main reason I was at Bronte in the first place – the food. I’ll start by saying this. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t recommend. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the things that the staff swore were “must tries.” For example, who on early would think that an Edamame and Kale Pancake would be a “thing,” let alone something I would ever order. Well, let me just tell you how glad I am I did. This was an unexpected taste sensation. So yeah, order it. Then there were the rock shrimp tempura maki. Oh my maki! I’ll stop here so I can take a full moment to flashback to this culinary moment. Do not go to Bronte and skip the shrimp! This dish has to come to your table and you have to have a full on “When Harry Met Sally” moment when you take your first bite. The Miso Black Cod should win awards, the seared scallops are sent straight from heaven and even the chips seem to have some special magical way of making you think you are eating the best potatoes ever. Looking back, I’m now convinced they spiked my champagne cocktail with a “you will like absolutely everything” sort of substance, as I have such fond memories of each and every bite taken. 

Basically, Bronte needs to be on the radar. It needs to visited repeatedly, actually. Go for lunch, brunch or cocktails at the bar. Just get in there. 


1-3 Strand, The Grand Building

London WC2N 5EJ


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