Helping Henry Holland bring about change with BRITA

Here’s a fact I’m pretty sure will immediately blow your mind: 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles are chucked into the sea and into landfills every single year. And here’s my own admission. I know I’m part of the problem. I have probably used a plastic water bottle at least every other day for the past three years, and when I heard this fact I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. I had to keep my stomach in check however, as I was hearing it from the mouth of an absolute fashion babe- Henry Holland of House of Holland. I sat down with Henry last month to talk about his latest collaboration and he hit me with this number to kick things off in our conversation. He wasn’t saying it to scare me, he was sharing it to kick my butt into action. Did you know that it’s currently estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the time we reach year 2050? Yeah, that was the second tough reality pill I had to swallow. But, that’s just a prediction if we don’t make an effort for change. And this is where you come in.

First and foremost, let’s introduce you to the biggest role you can play in changing the future right now. You can stop buying and drinking from single-use water bottles. Last season, Henry had a BRITAfill&go bottle laid out for all his guests at his runway show, a start in spreading the word amongst the fashion community that there’s a chic lifestyle change afoot. The bottle is an easy to carry, 600 ml bottle that filters your water as you drink. With every BRITA Microdisc inserted, one can drink filtered water for four weeks. For me, that would be the equivalent of an entire recycling bag full of plastic bottles. Ugh. I’m really kicking myself here. This a single purchase for a lifetime, not a purchase for an afternoon of refreshment, and that, folks, can make all the difference. 

Now, I’m sure you have already mapped out that there’s a real fashion element here as well. Henry Holland has actually used his trademark cheeky tees to spread the word. He’s designed two slogan shirts that will, hopefully, call attention the problems at hand and encourage more of us to take action now. Not only will the tees delivery a strong message, they’ll also fundraise for the cause, with all profits from the t-shirts going to BRITA’s partner charity, Marine Conservation Society (MCS). And as if that weren’t enough, the tees, as part of the BRITA #SwapForGood campaign, were all made with recycled plastic waste. Each t-shirt contains an average of 7 plastic bottles that were turned into yarn, mixed with salvaged organic cotton and woven together to create the finished look you see here today. 

Mr. Holland doesn’t come to support BRITA’s #SwapForGood campaign alone. He has recruited model and gal pal Lily Cole, who stars in the campaign alongside Henry, to take part and model the slogan tees with purpose. If you fancy helping to support the cause and wearing a unique House of Holland design, the limited edition t-shirts are available to buy on from today for £30. I’m wearing mine with pride knowing that I’ve made a massive change in my own life that will hopefully be a part of the global change to save our oceans.

Your role here, moving forward is truly simple, however. If you make only one commitment, make it that you will stop buying single-use plastic water bottles. Grab a BRITA fill&go bottle, save money and always have a tool to drink filtered water no matter what London tap you’re filling up from! 


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