Five Friday Favourites: Brunch, Tanning and DRESSES!

Happy Friday, gorgeous people. If you’re in London, I do hope you’re surviving the heatwave. As I write, I have two fans blowing across the room on full speed. This week has been a crazy one indeed, but it has resulted in so many things I wanted to recommend for the Five Friday Favourites that I’m overflowing into next week. If you’re looking for a top tan tip, a great place for brunch and a few splurges (and one bargain) I couldn’t live without, read ahead. 

1. Brunch at Cut 45 Park Lane

There is nothing in this world I love more than brunch. I can’t help myself. Any chance for a mimosa and pancakes and I’m there in a flash. I’m just saying… in case anyone is lonely on a Sunday and wants an excuse to have a catch up. This past Sunday I had brunch at Cut in 45 Park Lane for the first time and I can’t tell you how good this place is, y’all. Honestly, I’m head over heels in love with every part of this brunch moment in London. There is a live singer and guitarist that calls himself Elvis, their menu offers every staple and more you could wish for in a traditional brunch and the atmosphere is luxury personified. 

2. Net-a-Porter Dresses

I was a very bad shopper this week. I went a bit insane with the Net-a-Porter new arrivals. I have a few weddings forthcoming, as well as a few holidays planned in the sun, so I’m stocking up. This might also mean I have to live in my gutter when I come back (as I might not be able to pay rent) but at least I’ll be looking glamourous while doing so. Here’s a listing of the three dresses in question:

Saloni Ruffled Maxi Dress 

DvF Polka Dot Maxi Dress

Figue Midi Dress

 3. Decleor Tan Activator Oil Serum

I cannot say enough about how excited I am when it comes to this product for summer. It arrived this week and I’m already using it in preparation for the beach. In a nutshell, this is an oil that will allow you to tan more evenly and with a bit more of a glow. It also helps stretch out the life of your tan. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t still use sunscreen, but this will help in keeping the tan you’re working hard for. As I’m basically a rotisserie chicken during summer holidays, I’m absolutely loving this. Oh, and it smells of heaven!

 4. California Love

If you haven’t heard of Lingua Franca, well it probably means you haven’t been paying attention to your fashion periodicals. This knitwear designer is everywhere, and for good reason. It seemed like perfect timing to acquire this beauty as by bestie from California comes into town today. So yes, I’m feeling California Love.

5. “Primarni” Sliders

For those of you that live in London, this one’s for you. The other day I was walking past Primark on Tottenham Court Road and found myself face to face with some spectacular slides. How could I not go in and buy them? They were cheaper than my lunch. I know it’s a controversial buy and it’s been ages since I’ve even stepped into a Primark. But hey, I went, I purchased and now I’m passing on the love. 


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