40 Summer Dresses with Sleeves!

posted on: Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Lovely ladies, is anyone else with me when it comes to the dilemma with bingo wings? For me, summer is dreaded from the get-go mostly because of the fact that I absolutely hate my arms. Am I allowed to say that anymore? I know we are all supposed to be body positive these days but I feel we're almost hurting ourselves more in pretending we're all absolutely pleased with every ounce of ourselves (ok, I know not everyone is pretending, but I've felt I've had to lately). Well, I'm going to buck the new trend and tell you, in very certain terms, that I hate my arms. There you go. It's out there. So, when it comes to shopping, I'm always on the look out for dresses with sleeves. I got so obsessed with hunting down some options for forthcoming summer events, that I thought I'd do a little shopping edit for you beautiful people. In my online shopping travels, I came across 40 summer dresses with sleeves that are worth shouting about right now. Some are on sale, some are still full price, but none will bankrupt you. Happy Shopping!