Style Update: Gingham and Greens!

Here’s a question: Could it be that my gingham obsession is getting out of hand? Maybe just a tad. 

Even I have to admit that pairing shoes to a dress feels a bit like being a seven year old all over again and trying to match as much as possible, because that was oh so chic. In present day, as a 37 year old, it feels a tad bit risky. But, I’m still giving it a go and absolutely loving every magical matching moment. It’s all about how you feel yourself anyway, right? I’m a firm believer in that when it comes to fashion. If it makes you happy do it. That isn’t to say that if you wake up and feel like wearing your birthday suit, that too is acceptable. I mean this all within reason, people.

What I’m Wearing:

New Look Gingham Dress, New Look Gingham Heels, New Look Palm Straw Bag 


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