Style Update: All the trend boxes ticked

Hey, why don’t I just only wear embroidered “things” for the rest of the season? Honestly, when I’m getting dressed in the morning I’m not thinking let’s flood the world with embroidered dresses. It’s just happening like this. Like I’ve said, the high street is overflowing with the trend. There are embroidered dresses, shirts and trousers spilling out onto the streets. So how does one choose when there’s so much out there?

My advice? Shop for quality. Even on the high street you can find items that are luxury level quality. You can also find items that look like one wash will do them in. Use your best judgement and don’t impulse buy. Touch the fabrics, see if other pieces on the rack are already showing signs of loose threads or tears. And pay attention to the fabric bearing the embroidery. Chances are if the foundation of the garment is cheap, the embroidery quality isn’t far behind. 

Now, speaking of quality, this is one dress I’m speaking up for. It’s an off the shoulder chambray dress from Marks & Spencer and it’s worth a look in. It sits a little longer than most – a longer midi, really- but is easily fixed by throwing on a skinny brown belt to hike it up a bit. As I’m as tall as I am, I’m wearing it loose to keep the length. To each their own. 

Also, hope The Jacksons London don’t mind that I used their storefront to grab this picture in Notting Hill…! 


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