What thigh gap? Battling the “Chub Rub” in the heat…Sweet relief!

Alright, I’m just throwing this one out there. I’m leaving embarrassment by the curb, stepping up and I’m speaking for the ladies that are without thigh gaps this summer. Somehow I think I might be hitting a sweet spot here. As the weather heats up and we all start to break out our dresses, skirts and more, there is one aspect of fashion that I guarantee you won’t see coverage on in the pages of Vogue this June. I’m talking about thigh chaffing. Now, I have it on good authority that this is a problem for women far and wide. So there is no prejudice here. It’s a massive problem for me and always has been, even back when I was a size 10. The only Gap I’m aware of is the one down at the high street that sells good jeans, otherwise summer has always been a big issue for me when it comes to comfort.  And this year, coming in a few sizes bigger than previous summers, it’s even more on the mind. However, that doesn’t mean we are without solutions! 

You guys know I wear a lot of dresses and I am coming clear and telling you that I would not be able to do so if it weren’t for experimenting with everything under the sun. And well, I thought I’d give you a top tier solution kit here if you wanted to kill the problem in your own life. Many of you guys have come out and said, on social platforms, that you aren’t dress people. I can’t help but wonder if this has anything to do with it. Not to worry, I’m the only one embarrassing myself by coming out and saying loud and clear… I have chub rub (and I flipping hate that phrase by the way). And here are three ways, I know of at the moment, to battle the blessed pain between your thighs in the heat…

1. Monistat Anti-Chafing Powder Gel

Alright, sadly this can add even more embarrassment to your life if you try to look for it in your local pharmacy. You are more or less searching in the same aisle that sells kits for yeast infections. Not cool. So I buy this online. It is by far the best product I have tried. It smells nice (not that you’re down there smelling your inner thighs, but you know what I mean), it will make you believe you have the biggest thigh gap in the world and it’s clear so it won’t get all over your clothes.

2. Bodyglide

This looks like a deodorant stick and is marketed to runners. So, if you’re trying to keep the non-existent thigh gap under wraps, this is your safest bet. Just claim you’re training for a marathon (God, can you imagine?!). It’s easy to throw in the bag and go and does the job. 

3. Bandelettes

I have friends that absolutely swear by these. SWEAR. However, I do think they are a bit risky if you are wearing anything other than a maxi dress. I have visions of crossing my legs and exposing my lacy secrets in public. They do work, though. They stay in place, they do the job and you’re left feeling pretty protected against any sort of chafe that might ruin your day. Maybe a good idea in white if you’re getting married? They could be cleverly disguised as a garter belt 😉

At the end of the day, this heat is just too damn much to be messing around with pants and restrictive shorts. Try any one of these three options and get back into dresses! There are just too many beautiful pieces out there to try and I would hate to think any of us are missing out because of a discomfort that can be fixed!!! Sending lots of love to my fellow non thigh gappers. And to those of you not dealing with this problem, count yourself lucky…! x


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