Style Update: That yellow dress…

If you suffer from colour blindness, I fear you are about to miss out on one of the most spectacularly colorful dresses in existence at the moment. This is a tale of fate, sunshine and mystery. Ok, there’s no mystery and the only sunshine in England right now exists as a result of the rays streaming off this dress, but the fate part is real. I believe this dress and I had a predetermined courtship. We were meant to be together. This is an arranged marriage on the high street and it’s the most romantic story that goes a little something like this. I saw, I tried on, I swooned, I handed over the credit card. Standard tale of marriage right? The rest is history. Although it should be mentioned that said dress is totally affordable, has been cloned and may choose to marry others. Alas, it is mine at the moment but I can’t be greedy. 

I have to share all the details….

Marks & Spencer Yellow Tiered Dress 


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