Style Update: “Is that Dolce & Gabbana?”

When you have a woman stop you in the street and ask you if you are wearing current season Dolce & Gabbana, you know you are onto something good, especially when said ensemble cost you one twentieth the price of a D&G piece. Of course in that moment you do toy with the idea of letting said woman believe you are wearing Dolce, as she looks like the type to only ever wear designer label, or do you let her in one the secret that you are wearing excellent high street that cost only £50, discovered down on Oxford Street yesterday? I’m all for brooding of ones horizons, so I took a chance and let her in on the discovery.

The ensemble in question is actually from NEXT and it’s not a dress, it’s a two piece. Also, it’s not originally designed for casual wear but is in fact marketed for the beach. If you wear it like a NEXT model, it’s a crop top and midi skirt. If you are wanting to wear it out and about in the city, buy a size up and link the pieces together. Voila! A dress is born that looks like it could come straight from Net-a-Porter. 

Truly, this is the best £50 I’ve spent all season and I don’t think I could have been more excited about a separates moment. So I’m letting you in on the beach secret! Get there fast as I have a feeling this ensemble will sell fast now that the cat’s out of the beach bag! (Speaking of beach bag, if you do want to use this for the beach, there are even matching suits. Just saying!)

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NEXT Coordinates 


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