Style Update: The embroidered dress you’ve been looking for…

 embroidered dress

 embroidered dress

Here it is, peeps, that dress you’ve been searching high and low for… the embroidered dress splurge. Well, I say it’s a splurge, but it’s still a lot less than a designer version and comes from one of your favourite high street outfitters. It’s also the fastest purchase I’ve ever made in my life. I saw it in the window of the shop, walked in, bought my size, walked out and wore it in the next day in a field in France. Ok, that makes my life sound way more glamorous than it actually is. Ha!

Anyway, this is the Ayumi Embroidered Dress from Anthropologie and it’s worth a look to see if they still have your stock in size. Unfortunately, I threw this onto instagram over the weekend and caused a bit of a buying frenzy so a lot of sizes are sold out. Just goes to show a good thing flies! Thank you for all the messages from readers who went right out to grab it! Let’s hope you all find beautiful settings to wear and share… and if you do let me know how you’re wearing it! I wore mine as casual as possible, with converse sneakers. Saying that, however, I’m wearing it next week to a summer BBQ with neon heels. Aw, the versatility of a good dress, right? 

 embroidered dress


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