Style Update: 7 days of Southern Living

posted on: Monday, 15 May 2017

It's been hot here in Carolina over the past two weeks. While most people were complaining that the heat was rolling in, I was loving every moment of feeling sun on my skin and a little sweat on my brow. Sadly, back in the UK we've been enjoying not so spring like weather. It feels like we have four bad days for every one day of nice weather that pops up. So, the wearing of skirts and dresses has been few and far between. When I checked the forecast for coming home, I knew this was my opportunity to wear the pieces I'd been collecting for the past few weeks in preparation for the season that has yet to truly arrive in London. Try not to hate me too much for sharing these outfits in the most gorgeous weather of all time. I am headed home in a few days, so it will be back to frostbite toes and goose bump covered legs in no time as I try to pretend I'm still back in SC. Now, about these outfits. 

What I'm Wearing:
Royal Native Dress (Discovered in the must visit store Skinny Dip Charleston