How to get the summer glow? (you need these in your life)

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a preach moment, on Instastories, while I was trialling Charlotte Tilbury’s new Glowmo products. I do this, trial beauty I mean. Usually it’s quite uneventful. I’ll casually mention I like something, because it’s worth a mention. But I will rarely state that there are products you need, that are universally needed, that people NEED to know about! Well, that changes here and now because I have discovered the two products you NEED this summer. This is the splurge that’s justified, and in reality isn’t exactly a splurge that will break the bank. In fact, it’s more an investment in your look than a new dress this summer. Yeah, me, the fashion blogger just said that about beauty. Put down the dress you want and purchase this instead, if it comes to budget restraints. 

Let’s start with the basics- Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask. I honestly don’t know where to begin so I’ll just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve been using self tanner on my face to get ready for and prolong summer for years. I have NEVER used anything like this before. It is truly a product that gives you the perfect tan in three sleeps. Each day you get a bit browner,  the colour is always even, it smells great and leaves your skin looking like you’ve not only been in the sun for a week but also had a facial every day to boot. See why this is an essential? Get in there, folks. It’s well worth the price of admission (which incidentally is cheaper than two movie tickets these days…. leave the boyfriend at home on date night and buy this instead).

Now, for the palette. Charlotte Tilbury is famous for her palettes. They are an all in, throw in your purse and go solution to beauty. I have every single one she has done and they have saved me, and my back (the makeup bag is this palette, concealer and mascara now). The Glow Palette is the best one she has done yet. While I know it is probably intended for summer use more than anything else, I plan on using this for everyday, every season. So yeah, I bought two as I’m terrified they will sell out. Again, a good price and a great option for any lady looking to glow like a goddess. Yes, I just went there.

If you want proof of the palette and the mask in action, watch this video of the lady herself disclosing all the secrets. Swoon.


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