This Mother’s Day it’s about the power of the printed photo

Mother's Day Story

As my mother and I sat down to take the picture you see above, after looking at a group of Photobox Retro Prints and speaking of the memories from each, I wanted to capture a picture of us here in this moment, together. I asked if I could take a picture from above. My mom stretched out her hand then thought better of it and said, “oh no, I can’t use this hand. This is my hand with the scar.” First of all, classic mom. Let’s always put our best face forward! This is just one of many important life lessons I was taught growing up in the Carolinas with this amazing woman. This is my mom, my miracle. And there’s a story there…

When I first decided to work with Photobox on Mother’s Day, I always knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to print pictures. All of our photos together are stored on clouds, held in phones or exist in some digital form somewhere. There’s not much we print these days. So I decided to order two dozen retro prints of some of our favourite moments together. And it’s funny how the universe works sometimes because little did I know I would be given the chance to flip through them with her one week later as I was home (for reasons that will stay amongst my family if you’ll allow me that bit of privacy). With all the photos in my carry on luggage, I took a trip to the USA and had a cup of tea with my mom and presented her with the pictures. I asked her if she’d mind if I took a few snaps to remember the moment, right then and there, forever. Enter the comment about the scar and the rest is now photographic history.

I hope my mom won’t mind me sharing but I wanted to explain that my mom’s quick moment of vanity about an unsightly scar comes with a story that has forever solidified her as my hero in life. When I was two years old, my mom rescued my two older brothers from a burning car. She suffered third degree burns up and down her arms and on her hands as a result. For months she was in agony dealing with the pain from those few minutes, yet her two boys survived without a scratch and in perfect health. She literally threw herself into the flames to save their lives. Today she has the scars that remind me of her incredibly bravery and unwavering ability to do whatever it takes to keep her children safe. These are beauty marks, in my eyes. My mother has given absolutely everything to us, her four children, since we arrived in her life, and for that I can never begin to repay her. And it’s certainly worth more than one day a year of thanks in showing appreciation for what she has sacrificed on our behalf. 

But, here I am writing about Mother’s Day in tribute to the woman I think is the greatest mother on this earth. I have a feeling a few of you may think the same about your own mothers, and of course that’s how it should be. 

If I can encourage you to do just one thing, it’s to just sit down and email, call or text your mom right now. She’s not here forever. She’s here now and nothing would warm her heart more than hearing from you, her child. We all fall victim to not doing this enough so do it now, or do it on Mother’s Day. Just do it. And, if you want to make it even more special, send a memory her way, printed by Photobox perhaps, or even just send a small handwritten note showing her you remembered. 

Now, a further note, and incentive if you will, about Photobox and photo printing. This Mother’s Day, Photobox has teamed up with Nectar Card to run a Millionaire Raffle where one lucky person will be in for a chance to win a million nectar points if they link their card to Photobox before the 19th of March. And fancy making sure you and your mom never miss printing a picture again? Share a picture of your mum across Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #muminamillion to enter a chance to win a luxury hamper plus £100s of Photobox and Nectar goodies before March 19th, winner to be announced on the 22nd (you do not want to miss this)! 


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