Style Update: London Fashion Mewsings

Here’s the thing about London, if you keep your eyes open with every journey across this city, you will find amazing things. Whether you are atop a big red bus, or riding low to the ground in a iconic black cab, you will inevitably discover something new everyday, if you keep your eyes peeled. And that leads us to where I stand above, in an amazing mews that I had my car come to a screeching halt for, so that the following ensemble could be shared in a place where it was meant to live. Or maybe where I myself was meant to live. You can’t argue how insanely beautiful this destination is. I kept wondering who lived behind each and every door we passed. These pictures were taken on one of the first London days where bare legs were tolerable and the sun was so bright a hat was less of a fashion accessory and more of a necessity! 

And of course nearly the whole ensemble is from Marks & Spencer for this season, because, well, the brand is just killing it when it comes to supplying classic looks with updated shapes that are going to keep us all looking summer ready this season. Can’t emphasize enough the need for you to drop in store to check out what’s going on, in everything from linen to denim. I’m a bit obsessed. Can you tell? Actually, it’s the accessories for me this season that have me all worked up (seen yesterday’s post??). So keep an eye out as I may have nearly sold out one of their stores in gorgeous tote bags due to their perfect price and insane good looks. 

What I’m Wearing:

All from Marks & Spencer: DressHatStriped Tote Bag 


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