Five Friday Favorites: Home & More

posted on: Friday, 10 March 2017

This week's Five Friday Favorites is a mix of all of my absolute obsessions this week, from wacky footwear to new homeware obsessions and even a few pieces of bling from a newly discovered designer. Let's get stuck in...
Chupi Jewellery
1. Chupi
Where to start with this? Well, I guess I should start by saying that I am positively obsessed with this jewellery. The Irish designer is creating pieces that look like they'll cost the moon and more, when in actuality that are so reasonably priced it's ridiculous. Of course that's why I'm screaming about it. If you are looking to gift a friend (or even yourself) this is a most look at brand. And believe me when I say that this brand will blow up over the next few years!
Bird Feet Table
I have no words for this table. After discovering it online I don't think I've ordered anything so quickly in my life. I mean with a name like Fashion Foie Gras, I have to have this in my life right? And you won't believe how cheap it is (saying that as I saw a similar one for £800 in LA last year... this is a tenth of the price).
Guys, this high street brand is killing it this season... killing it. Apologies, as there is a lot going on in this picture, but we're focusing in on that gorgeous pink and gold vase. Saw it, grabbed it, ran home and gave it a special shelfie moment. Had to be done. 
Flamingo Plates
Same high street brand as above, same great value. Am I the only person that's obsessed with owning a thousand different styles of plates? Just love them. I eat on a different design every night because I am a strange creative. What can I say? Toast tastes better with flamingos!
Taco Avocado Sandals
Really, do you need an explanation on why these are so fabulous? Only my two favorite foods on shoes! Don't worry... as with everything else, the price is low as we can go!