The best commercials from the 2017 Oscars (Super Bowl had nothing on this display…)

The best commercials from the 2017 Oscars

If you went to bed early last night you missed one of the most epic mistakes made ever in Oscars history. A total Steve Harvey moment played out, which you will be reading about everywhere this morning, so we won’t bore you with that news here (oh ok, LA LA Land was named Best Picture but it turned out to be a mistake and Moonlighting was announced as the winner midway through the acceptance speeches. Embarrassing). Now, moving past all of that, let’s talk about the real winners on the night – the 2017 Oscars Commercials. And yes, they were the best, perhaps of all time. These ads put the Super Bowl to shame, terribly. So the award for the best 2017 Academy Awards Commercial goes to.. alright, it has to be shared a bit as there are actually six stand out hits.

1. Google: Photos
You’ll see a pattern here of reminding us all that we are content creators in this world. That honour is not just reserved for the directors and screenwriters we see on the big stage. And Google, well, they capture is beautifully.

2. Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us

This is the commercial that was made for the youtubers amongst us. I’m not talking to the vloggers. I’m talking to every single individual who shares any content online. And Casey Neistat is talking to you too.  

3. General Electric: What if Millie Dresselhaus, female scientist, was treated like a celebrity

GE, I have to hand it to you, I had tears in my eyes by the end of this and a strong urge to be part of the change. This will make you take a serious look at our warped world and the people we put on pedestals. Just saying… and I think GE are too. One to share with your daughters.

4. Rolex: Celebrating Cinema

Showcasing that Rolex truly is a part of cinematic history, this commercial takes us back through some of the most iconic moments in film in which Rolex has acted as the official timekeeper. 

5. Google Earth: Saroo’s Search

If you haven’t already seen Lion, well, this might be a bit of a spoiler. If you have, let it act as a reminder of this incredible tale. 

6. Cadillac: Carry

A stunning look at the car company over time, but also a monumental message about being American. 


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