Five Friday Favorites: Peels and Lipstick Sweaters!

The obsession continues this week with the second installment of The Friday Five and more great stuff than you can shake a posh stick at! This week it’s everything from a daily peel to a statement sweater!

1. Cochine Tuberose and Wild Fig Candle

This is a brand spanking new obsession courtesy of a dear friend who couldn’t speak more highly of this company. Just read the description of this candle and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see why I am burning it on a nonstop cycle: Cochine founder Kate Crofton-Atkins set out  to develop a fragrance that encapsulated one of the times of day in Saigon she loves best. Capturing that magical moment when dusk falls, the air still warm from the sun, and the Tuberose and Jasmine start bursting into flower, the fragrance is enchanting and evocative, rich and indulgent. Yes, it really does smell exactly like that. I’m in heaven. 

2. Eisenberg Paris Soin Sublimateur Eye Contour Gel

When a facialist hands down information that your eyes are starting to show your age, you listen to just about any advice they give to fix it. Last week in the Urban Retreat at Harrods, I was given this piece of information and nearly ran away screaming. The facialist told me she could tell I was spending too much time looking down at a computer and needed to take action now to keep such ridiculous activity from aging me beyond my years. Enter the brand Eisenberg Paris, and an eye contouring gel that she swore would work miracles. It’s only been a week but I’m loving that I feel like I’m battling my unhealthy addiction to a computer and all the bad eye bags that come with. If you’re looking for a great eye cream, put this brand on your radar. It’s also a hell of a good primer. 

3. Boden Slides

Do I really need to go into why these are so fabulous? Buy now and wear for the remainder of 2017. Absolutely obsessed with these beauties (and they come in leopard print as well).

4. Lipstick on your collar Joanie Sweater

You are going to think this sweater will cost you an arm and a leg. Surprise. It’s £35 / $55 (and they ship to the USA too). I discovered this brand last month and have ordered about five different sweaters. Watch this space as they’ll be in outfits to come. Can’t shout louder or prouder about this. It’s fab!

5. Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the solution for “tired skin.” No really, Dr. Dennis Gross actually developed his products because of all the women coming into his practice saying they looked “tired.” Show me a woman that isn’t these days and I’ll give you £100 on the spot. It’s the biggest complaint with skin and this doctor has officially provided the cure. I have to blame Ella, from Coco’s Tea Party, for this purchase, as she has been constantly telling me about Dr. Dennis Gross and the daily peels she’s been doing that have led her to have the most glowy skin I’ve ever seen. I mean she’s already an English Rose, but this is just insane. So yes, I’m now a proud supporter of the brand. I’ve put a link above to a trial pack that isn’t a huge investment so you can give it a go before committing to a full month’s purchase. But you will commit, trust me. Give this a go. Little reason not to!


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