14 style statement tops to buy now and wear forever

Cocktail Time Sweater

Statement tops

Making a fashion statement these days is as easy as wearing the writing on your chest. We’re no longer creatures hidden behind simple patterns or fancy fabrics. We like to tell it how it is, chest forward, head held high. Although, let’s call a spade a spade, sometimes we also just like to wear cute statements that are just that… cute. So whether you are stepping out to make a statement about the world, or just saying “hey, thought this was a cute at the time,” feel free to embrace your inner statement style and roll with it.

Without further ado, here are the 14 pieces that can help make that happen.

(First the one I’m wearing in the picture above, from Joanie Clothing)
1. Mango Trench 
2. Urban Outfitters tank 
3. Next S’il Vous Plait Sweatshirt 
4. Next Au’Revoir Blouse 
5. Gucci Sequin Sweater 
6. Lingua Franca Cashmere Sweater 
7. French Connection Sweater 
8. Red Valentino Sweater 
9. Wildfox Sweatshirt
10. Forever 21 Tee 
11. Alice + Olivia Sweater 
12. Anthropologie Sweatshirt 
13. Kate Spade Monster Tee 


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