Dalloway Terrace: London’s most Instagrammed restaurant?

Oh, I do feel for the restaurant owners of the world these days. Long gone are the days when it was enough to serve piping hot, good tasting food to hungry customers. Oh no. Now, on top of serving outstanding food with beautiful presentations, one most also be responsible for providing an Instagram friendly environment. Food isn’t just food anymore, it’s a pretty picture. Always. And I play as much a part in feeding this phenomenon as the girl sitting next to me taking champagne fueled selfies with her fondue. Restaurant owners need to think of lighting (golden is death), table settings (marble tables win every time) and even backdrops for photos (anything leafy hits the spot). For London’s Dalloway Terrace, it seems every single element of an Instagram photo was taken into consideration when designing this brilliant escape in the middle of the city. Dalloway Terrace’s winter wonderland, in particular, is a work of pure Instagrammable genius which has, in turn, given this restaurant the title of one of the most Instagrammed in London. Everyone wants a brunch, lunch or dinner on the terrace, and tables are not the easiest to come by these days because of it. 

On a Tuesday morning, just before Christmas, we took our chances at being walk-ins at Dalloway Terrace at 11am, opening time. We were seated right away, the first in, armed with cameras galore. No one bat an eye at the setup. These are obviously people who are used to the many flashbulbs and customers who enjoy luke warm food (note: only because one takes so long to photograph them – not because the restaurant is serving luke warm food). 

First impressions are everything and we were in love from the word go. The atmosphere was electric yet cozy, we felt like we were in a winter movie scene and the wait staff were brilliant from the very start. The food, which just kept coming (I think we ordered way too much), was marvelous and seemed to only get better with every mouthful. When we were sure we couldn’t eat another morsel, somehow we ended up with white chocolate fondue and a round of hot chocolates. How did that happen and how we managed to finish, I do not recall. 

Even the entrance and exit to Dalloway Terrace is a shoe-fie moment, with a named tile welcome on the floor. And yes, the shoe-fie happened, see below. Basically, if you are looking for a visual feast to match the one that arrives on your table for lunch or dinner, look no further – Dalloway Terrace is your dream come to reality. Get in there now, before they take down the winter decorations. But, never fear, each and every season is mesmerizing and magical at Dalloway Terrace!

Dalloway Terrace 

16-22 Great Russell Street

London WC1B 3NN


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