13 Pleated Skirts to add to your wardrobe now!

Pleated Skirt from ASOS

This is the decade of the pleated skirt. Truly, it’s the one fashion trend we can’t get enough of and now each season we’re seeing the wardrobe staple reinvented with unique prints, colour blocking and lengths. Designers and high street brands alike can’t seem to get enough. So how does it trickle down to us, the consumer? Well, we’re being offered a smorgejusbord of choice. You’ll be hard pressed to walk the high street and not spot a pleated skirt, whether that be on the street itself or in the window of a shop. There’s so much out there, in fact, that the chances of running into someone wearing your same style seem to fall into the same odds as winning the lottery. 

As this trend is so plentiful, I thought I’d focus in on 13 of my favourite pleated skirts on the market at the moment. Each brings a little something special to the style playing field, and all mentioned come in a wide range of sizes. Peruse and imagine your skirt billowing in the wind as you strut down the sidewalk with confidence. 

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