The perfect Christmas Jumper and how to wear it!

There seems to be a round of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties sweeping the nation. I’ve had so many comments across social media and email, referencing this phenomenon and asking for advice on what to wear. And not surprisingly I’ve encountered a lot of “how to make the Ugly Christmas Sweater situation not so ugly indeed.” Well, I have solutions, lovelies, both in the sweaters that you can buy that aren’t so ugly to start with (but still meet the requirements for the party), and the fabulous skirts that you can stock up on to compliment the style. Trust me on this, you’ll be the best outfitted at your annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. That is the goal, right? Let the other guys in the office be embarrassing….you’re going for stylish!

Let’s talk sweaters first. I’ve worked with Pass My Parcel this season, and ASOS, to put together a listing of the best out there. And just in case you want to order a few to find your perfect match, remember that Pass My Parcel offer a free and label-less return service at over 3,000 UK outlets. Now, onto these sweaters. 

Oh, and don’t forget you can always steal from the men’s section! I find they have some of the best sweaters for Christmas! And if you are looking to  have the fit more feminine, lob off the bottom for a more cropped cut or tie one side in a knot for a more fitted sweater look. 

Now, onto the skirts.

And how can you accessorize?

Fashion Foie Gras collaborated with Pass My Parcel


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