The hotel to call home while shopping London’s Oxford Street

Two weeks ago I had the chance to have a bit of a staycation in the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane. In the run up to Christmas, it was perfectly placed for a day of shopping down London’s Oxford Street. 

Located across from Marble Arch station and just a stone’s throw from Selfridges, London Marriott Park Lane offers three categories of rooms to choose from. However, higher classes of rooms come with the nice perk of executive lounge access. This affords you the comfort of a classic afternoon tea and a continental breakfast in the morning, along with any business services you may require, and all from the comfort of oversized leather sofas. Bliss. However, the perks of your stay start long before you make it down to the lounge. You will know from the moment that you step into the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane that this is a hotel full of people that wish to make your stay as peaceful and easy as possible. Even upon arrival, no matter your level of reservation, each guest is greeted with a smile and a silver tray service of refreshments while the check-in process takes place. 

For those of you looking for chicly attired rooms, you’ll be impressed with the results of a recent renovation to the hotel. The suites are truly spectacular and can only be labeled as ‘oversized’ in comparison to many of its competitors in the same class. And let’s just talk a moment about the bathroom. This space is my heaven. Marble from floor to ceiling, a luxury hi-tech toilet, a walk-in shower and luxury amenities make this the dream space. Add in the fact that the bathroom itself is about the size of my entire kitchen in my flat and you have a situation where I’m not so inclined to check out come the next morning. 

Let’s talk a tad bit more here about location. For those of you coming from far-flung destinations, here are the tidbits you need to know. First of all, the London Marriott Park Lane sits right on Park Lane, obviously. The name gives that one away doesn’t it? What that means exactly is that it’s situated right on the corner of Hyde Park. For summer months or early autumn, this is an ideal spot for those wishing to take a stroll, or a morning run, around the park. Although, if you’re really into your fitness, you might just decide that taking a swim in the hotel pool is a better option. Just a note here – this is the only hotel to have a pool on all of Park Lane. Epic.

While one might choose London Marriott Park Lane for it’s close proximity to classic London loves like Hyde Park, I’m more interested in what lies around the corner from the hotel…. Oxford Street. This is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, and it’s quite literally on your doorstep here at Park Lane. This is actually a situation where you could shop until you drop, return to the room to drop off bags, take a fashion nap and get back in the game all in the same day. How do I know? Yeah, that was totally my itinerary while I was in residence. Just a quick pop down to Selfridges, a stroll through the Marks & Spencer food hall and a serious swoon in John Lewis and I was all tuckered out. 

As my day came to an end, I found myself quite happily hidden under the enormous duvet, after having taken a long bath in the marble tub that would have been big enough for three. I slept with the shades wide open as I couldn’t get over my view. Instead of counting sheep, I was counting red buses as they made their way around the roundabout at Marble Arch. I couldn’t hear a thing, as the double glazing protected me from the outside city raucous, but I loved watching in silence as the world outside continued on into the wee hours of the morning.

I was exhausted from a lot of walking, a bit of eating (had fish & chips at the hotel restaurant – Lanes – downstairs) and a rather crazy work schedule that day. So, when I say I counted red buses, I must admit I think I only made it to the number three. The beds are so comfortable I could have slept there for days. Sadly, 5:30 came around and I was dashing out to make a call time. Oh the glamorous life, eh?


Room prices start from £399 inc. VAT

London Marriott Hotel Park Lane, 140 Park Lane, Mayfair W1K 7AA (0)20 7493 7000


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