FFG’s we Days of Christmas Giveaways Day 10

I saved my interiors favorite as one of the last giveaways for the 12 days of Christmas, purely so I’d have time to wax lyrical about how much I love this company. For those of you that are American, I feel like I don’t need to tell you anything about West Elm. It’s a brand we know, love, trust and can’t stop buying from. Seriously, it’s becoming a problem. However, recently it’s become more of a problem because they have popped up on UK shores. I try to walk past their Tottenham Court Road store in London, but I am physically incapable. In I go, credit card ready to be passed over and hands preparing for the hefty bag lift home. One cannot enter and leave empty handed. The interiors inspo is just too damn good.

So naturally, I had to have them as a part of the 12 day giveaway, and what they supplied, for one lucky FFG reader to win, has become somewhat of an obsession for me. And so much so that I’ve ordered this Martini Side Table in a few different colours for the new FFG office. When I find out they sold it in metallic, it was all over! 

Now, get over to instagram and get entering! 


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