FFG’s 12 Days of Christmas Day 9

Is it just me or has this 12 days of Christmas just flown by? They always say time flies as you get older. Sadly, this is making me feel ancient. But, this is neither the time nor the place to have that conversation. This morning we are here to talk about the latest competition celebrating those 12 days of Christmas. And today I am oh so pleased to announce a very very special and dear to my heart brand collaboration. 

Some of you may remember the artist Boyarde and the amazing hand painted Hubbell “The Way We Were” bag she created for Fashion Foie Gras for fashion week last year? It is an insane bag that was given life by a visionary. I am proud to have, over the past year, not only worked with Boyarde to bring forth a great piece of art into this world, but also to have gotten to know her as a friend. And you know what? I absolutely adore her! So when I asked if I could make her a part of the giveaway, well we couldn’t have asked for better timing and here’s why. Boyarde has set up shop with Selfridges this Christmas and is just about the hottest item in store with her bag charms. She literally can not paint them fast enough and several of the designs have already sold out.

That all being said, before the doors on her popup shop even opened, Boyarde kindly set aside her most popular bag charm – the bright red lips valued at £175 – for one lucky FFG reader to win in today’s competition. So fly over to Instagram, find this picture and enter right now!


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