8 Christmas party dressing tips, tricks and buys to get ready in a hurry

Christmas Party Dressing

Does anyone else get really excited about a Christmas party, only to then seconds later feel absolute dread over what on earth you’ll wear? It happens to the best of us. When I get any invitation I have a slight panic attack over the wardrobing options available. And of course I always face the dreaded “I have nothing to wear moment.” It can’t be helped. I believe it’s ingrained in all of us. And then of course there’s the office Christmas party. You think you have your outfit sorted only to get to work and find that either you hate what you’ve chosen or your arch nemesis just happens to be wearing the same thing. Never fear! We have some easy solutions in the way of thinking ahead.

This season I’ve teamed up with Pass My Parcel to help plan out some options for the Christmas party. Herewith, I’ve mapped out a few key solutions for party dressing panic attackers like myself. And the great news is, with Pass My Parcel, you can easily return any ASOS items you don’t want to any of their 3000 locations and you don’t even need to worry about a return label – it’s all done by QR code. Genius.

Now onto those tips and tricks for party dressing that I promised… 

(ps. all items featured below are from ASOS… in keeping with the easy returns… just to make Christmas shopping that much easier for you!)

1. A Sequin a day keeps the party demons at bay!

Sequins, for me, are truly Christmas party musts. I prefer mine in the skirt variety. It’s just a little something to shimmy shimmy in with a little bit of sparkle. They are also the greatest outfit updaters. If you’re going to a party straight from work, a sequin skirt  or top can be thrown on to take any outfit from work to play in seconds flat. 

2. A white shirt can be worn a hundred different ways. 

One must never underestimate the power of a freshly ironed white shirt. Not only is this a wardrobe staple, it’s also a lifesaver when it comes to performing. A simple white button down shirt can be worn, literally, a hundred different ways. From wrapping a white shirt, and fastening with a sparkly brooch, to wearing it backwards and showing off the shoulder blades, the white shirt can be used all season long and no one will ever feel you’ve worn the same outfit twice.

3. Embrace the Bold Red Lip

Speaking of switching things up in a hurry, a bold lip is probably the best way to brighten and lighten any ensemble for an evening event. I swear you could be wearing rags, but if you are sporting a red lip you will look like a couture goddess. Invest in the perfect shade of red for you and never let it go during the party season. Also grab some ‘lipcote’ to seal it into place.

4. Go as high with the heels as you can and still feel comfortable

I feel the biggest mistake women make in their party going dressing up is in choosing an uncomfortable heel. All of the sudden Christmas rolls around and we all think we can wear those six inch heels we’ve never worn before. Women are seen all around London walking like they are physically impaired after a long night out. This could be in part because of the alcohol they have consumed, but in my experience it’s more often than not a combination of aching soles and blistered heels. Not a pretty look. Buy heels you know you can wear, or have worn before. Or, if you simply must have a pair, wear them inside before wearing out. Break them in before the big party or go home in tears!

5. Fringe after five!

While I like to think that fringe can be worn 24/7, there are many that believe there is a time and place. The good news is that the time and place falls just perfectly in line with your evening party agenda. Fringe is in, peeps, and the best way to wear it is with gusto. A fringe skirt for some serious movement on the dance floor is always a winner. Although fringing in a jacket or statement shirt is also just fabulous enough to carry you through any party with glitz and glamour! Go fringe or go home!

6. The Velvet Debate

I find velvet is like the marmite of fashion. People either love it or they hate it. There seems to be no in between. Although, saying that, I used to hate velvet. I blame all the years of having to wear it at Christmas, and because it wasn’t treated properly, it was itchy and terrible. These days, that’s very rarely the case and velvet it the hottest trend for autumn winter. Whether worn in a great pantsuit style or just sported in a great wide leg trouser, velvet is a great Christmas party option for adding a bit of sumptuous glamour to your look.

7. Hair (blow out or curling iron)

Hair is actually where I end up spending the most money when it comes to party dressing, if you can believe it. As I’m usually so crazy around the holiday period, I find I have very little time to get the hair sorted for any holiday event. So, for me, it’s all about a great blowout with a trusted partner. That’s usually found at Hershesons blowout bar, at any one of their London locations. However, if you are a genius at home haircare, the world is your oyster. Here are a few tools of the trade to help further you cause! 

8. Engage with the earrings

I do believe there was a time when we were all moving away from earrings as the preferred accessory. Well, ladies, that time has officially ended. It’s all about the power earring. This is an accessory that can instantly update any look and give it a real wow factor. It’s all about finding the perfect piece to compliment your ensemble. That being said, fun festive earrings can also work perfect for a holiday party!

FFG worked in collaboration with Pass My Parcel.


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