Style Update: Tweedle Do

 So it turns out I have this thing for tweed. I’m not sure how or where that happened. Tweed, back in the days of my youth, was something my algebra teacher loved. It wasn’t something that wasn’t hip and cool, by any means. Yet, here I am, older and loving tweed. Come to think of it, my algebra teacher seemed ancient, but he was probably younger than I am now. So scratch that whole thought process and let’s just stick to good tweeds. This coat, for example, is a winter staple. It will be worn far and wide, embraced in its fabulousness. It will appear on hunts, sit on the back of the chair at Claridge’s and even act as a winter warmer for my journey home at Christmas. Look at me, loving on tweed! The open toed shoes, however, are another story entirely. Let’s just thank the sweet lord I still have toes at all. Frostbite is also something that is alive and well, but not something to love… ever!

What I’m Wearing:

Boden Coatigan, Boden Tweed Jacket, Mango Trousers, Ralph Lauren Bag, New Look Shoes


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