Let’s Talk Cars: Range Rover Vogue SE

Dear reader, this is a bit of a handover and let me explain why…

For decades, the Range Rover has been my brand of choice when it comes to vehicles. There is an unprecedented level of class that comes with this beauty and there’s no disputing that, don’t even try. So, when I was handed one for the weekend, I felt a level of frustration like never before in not being able to actually get behind the wheel of this beautiful beast. That’s a long story for another time. Basically, for the Range Rover SE, I had to call in some assistance from Mr. FFG to use his vast driving experience in getting us to and from Wales for the weekend in one of the most luxurious (not to mention practical) vehicles we’ve had the pleasure to drive. We truly put this vehicle through its paces and felt ourselves constantly commenting on our surprise at how well it navigated through every situation we presented it with. In short, this review had to be written by the driver and that’s where the handover comes in. I’ve asked Mr. FFG to give a detailed account of his weekend behind the wheel and it goes a little something like this…

Hello! How very exciting, Ms FFG has finally allowed me to put pen to proverbial paper with this write up of our weekend experience and my privileged position as driver of a Range Rover Vogue SE, a vehicle that, to me, is the epitome of luxury living on four wheels. With a price that is a smidgeon below one hundred thousand pounds, and at nearly five metres long and just over two meters wide, the Range Rover Vogue SE has a presence and gravitas that demands respect and attention. 

We were using the Range Rover for a long weekend escape to the country and the journey promised to be a real treat and a great opportunity to try out the wide range of settings, features and capabilities the Range Rover has to offer. The drive ahead of me consisted of one hundred and fifty miles of varied terrain, basically a three hour journey from our home in central London to Points cottage in the Black Mountains of Wales. Situated on the top of a steep mountain, the cottage can only be accessed by 4×4, as the final two miles are over a steep and rather rocky farm track, but more about that later…

Now, before we go any further, it should be said that my role for the weekend was more than just playing chauffeur, naturally. I also held the position of baggage controller, chef and official photographer… Oh yes ladies, in this relationship its Mr FFG  that does all the cooking. I’m sure you didn’t expect any less from the Lady that lunches… After I finished loading Emily’s ENTIRE wardrobe into the back of the Range Rover, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was still space for not only a few of my own bags, but also for all the food shopping we would be doing along the way. Truly, this vehicle can hold a family of four and so much more. 

Once packed and settled inside, heated seats on and warming, we found the Vogue SE a remarkably easy machine to operate and oh so comfortable. Everything about the environment the Range Rover provides is luxe. The dashboard, instrument panels and controls are stylish, intuitive and very easy to operate. The driving position is elevated and provides a feeling of refined superiority. In short, the ride is smooth and the driving easy. Oh, and the Heads Up Display, which projects important driver information onto the driver’s windscreen, is a thing of true brilliance. Very useful as I was always aware of the current speed limit (yes, this car reads the road and road signs), my own speed and the up and coming directions from the SAT NAV.

This was also my first experience using Adaptive Cruise Control, a feature that, once activated, enables the Range Rover to maintain a safe cruising distance between itself and the vehicle ahead. It took a few miles before I was comfortable giving control over, but once I did it made driving through rush hour traffic in London a doddle. I think I used the brake only three times in one hundred and fifty miles of driving, made possible because the Range Rover brought itself to a safe stop when approaching roundabouts and traffic jams. All I needed to do was to reengage the cruse control with a light tap on the accelerator and off we went. And don’t even get me started on the Terrain Response system and Hill Descent Control. Once in Wales and through the farm gates of the property, we had to use these 4×4 features, which allow the car to sense the road and adjust settings accordingly. You could actually feel the car thinking and keeping us safe as we drove up and down severely steep, muddy and rocky hills. I do believe this was Emily’s favorite feature. She couldn’t get over the fact that the car was practically driving itself.

Now onto the In Car Entertainment system, which was simply outstanding. Using the dual screen view technology, Emily was able to watch her favourite TV programs and I was able use the same display at the same time to view and control the Sat Nav. Oh the wonders of modern technology. Any kids would have been kept quietly entertained in the back as they too could access the DVD and TV via the screens in the headrests, all done without distracting the driver as each person can use their own headsets.

And I almost forgot to mention the driving height, adjustable to three settings. The first was used so that one can easily get in and out of the vehicle. The third, and highest, provided a unique view above the hedgerows, normally only afforded to those driving tractors. I’m sure ours was the most comfortable of views ever achieved through the winding roads of South Wales!

No matter if you’re a city slicker, country bumpkin or somewhere in between, the Range Rover Vogue SE provides all one could possibly dream of when looking for a stylish ride with enough space for a small country or just Emily’s wardrobe. 

Avid FFG readers will know we do love a sports car, but in the real world, if I had to pick one car to own, it would this, it simply ticks every box. It’s far more than just a fabulous vehicle. We all know that smiling, having a good sleep, eating healthy and exercise all help to make us happier people, well so does owning and driving a Range Rover. It’s official.

Thanks, Mr. FFG, and I have to admit that I’m still wondering how on earth that Range Rover more or less drove itself down a rather scary and treacherous hill! For any of you contemplating the purchase of the Range Rover Vogue SE, I will say you are in for quite the treat. We’re already looking at country houses that could match  our new vehicle of choice perfectly. We’re also eyeing up the Range Rover Evoque as a more practical option for a city-get-about car. 


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