Buy me: The power of putting pen to paper

When was the last time you wrote a letter rather than an email? Be honest. I asked this of my lunch date yesterday and her response was, “I don’t think I’ve even picked up a pen, let alone a piece of stationery, since I bought my new iPhone two years ago.” Yikes! I cringed a little. To this day, I firmly believe there is nothing that replaces a hand written note. Whether you are saying thank you, sending your congratulations or condolences, or just penning a quick hello, a letter has the power to surprise and delight. Can the same really be said when it comes to email? I think not. 

Last month I was formally introduced to Papier, a stationary company that is making waves at the moment. After a scroll through their website, I have to admit that the burger and fries personalized stationery was ordered. I couldn’t help myself. There were also flamingos involved – watch out on instagram for a snap of those later. What I’ve discovered is that sometimes such pretty stationery can revive an old habit. I’ve taken to the page once again. I’m putting pen to paper and sending letters to the ones I love, the ones I haven’t communicated with in a while and the ones that I think just need a little something to brighten their day. Trust me when I say that there is power in pens and paper. 


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