Buy Me: Marble Makeup

I had taken a pledge for November and it went a little something like this – STOP SPENDING MONEY! I was doing ok. I had spent zero cash on non essentials up until the 11th of November. Then, I made the colossal mistake of popping into Harvey Nichols new Beauty Lounge. I guess we can still call it new as it’s been open less than a year, right? 

Anyway, I was walking through the beauty halls and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the most beautiful palette I’d ever seen. It was marble covered. Marble, people. And it also just happened to be from my favorite beauty brand on the market at the moment – Hourglass. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light is a limited edition palette. I feel like I need to say that first because I need to stress why it is I had to part with my money then and there. There was a chance this would be the only chance. I knew if I ever saw anyone else with it I would lose it. So, I parted with the £69 ($80 in the USA), came home, took the beauty out of its packaging and fell in love all over again. Not only is it beautiful packaging, the palette itself is transforming. For those of you that have ever used Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palettes before, you will know that this stuff literally lights up your face. It’s insane. Now, for the first time with this colour scheme, they’ve put together a whole kit that can highlight, bronze and blush the face. I mean, do I even need to say anymore?! 


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