Buy Me: The black tie dress solution

We’ve all been there – that moment where you get a last minute invite to a black tie dinner, only what you have available currently in your wardrobe is anything but black tie material. It’s moments like these that lead to incredible discoveries. Amazing what stress can do!

That’s actually how I discovered the brand Phase Eight. I had an arts dinner in Mayfair that I received an invite to, completely last minute (we’re talking a lunchtime phone call for a 7pm kickoff), and I needed to get a dress on my lunch hour to wear that evening. Although it couldn’t just be any dress off the rack. This had to have a sophistication that would sit nicely among the couture clad women attending the function that night. At the time, I was working in PR and the budgets, rather sadly, didn’t allow for couture purchase power. A quick trip to Westfield White City and I walked straight into a tip I had been given from a work colleague who said Phase Eight would save my bacon. And did it ever. I stepped out that evening in a black floor length gown that hugged every curve as if it were made for me especially. Women all around were complimenting and asking which designer it came from. I’ll never forget one woman saying, “oh yes, I must look up this Phase Eight. Are they a London based house?” You would have thought I was exposing her to the new Oscar de la Renta. 

To make a long story short, I know we all have loads of holiday parties to plan for this season, and some require a bit more forethought than others when it comes to wardrobing. If you find yourself in a tight spot, step into Phase Eight. My top four dresses are featured above (and they all run up to a size 20), but this is just a sampling of what’s on offer this season. In fact, on Monday I’ll be showcasing a piece I found for the season that I’ll be rocking to more than one big event this Christmas. Oh, and just a PS here… Phase Eight also has Studio Eight for plus sizes!


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