Sweater Weather: Shopping & Styling

Oh the comfort that is found in wrapping up in your favorite piece of knitwear. It’s that time of year when you get to wear the coziest of styles and wander the world out and about like a walking duvet. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch too far but, it’s every reason, wrapped up just there in that sentence, that I love winter. It’s the season of comfort – comfort clothing, comfort foods and comfortable nights in! It’s also a season where I find myself in a lot of trouble, when it comes to shopping. 

I can’t resist a chunky oversized knit. If there were a medication I could take to put this addiction to a stop, I would. When the cold sets in, my containers of knitwear come out and every season I find myself struggling for room in the closet to display my fashion security blankets. That’s what I call them. They hide every sin committed with a doughnut or cheeseburger. The layers forgive the lack of scrubbing and moisturizing that I should have been taking part in day in and day out. The bigger the knit, the more at home I feel! And this season, folks, the offering for stylish sweaters is insane. So much so that I’ve put together a pinterest board to keep track of all the items I’m lusting after (both designer and high street), as well as all the stylish ways I’ll be wearing them. And, well, as it got a little excessive in its creation I thought it only natural to share this “ode to knitwear.”



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