Style Update: Track is back!

Take me back 21 years and you’ll find a teenager begging her mom for a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit. No really, I’m pretty sure I promised allowance, extra chores and straight As on report cards in exchange for this golden ticket fashion item. It was a must have, with or without the “Juicy” statement rear. Every celeb had a set and every magazine was writing it up as the next best thing since the invention of clothes themselves. Was anyone not touched by Juicy mania? 

Fast forward to present day and I still have a soft spot for the ensemble, but I’m giving the traditional Juicy Couture black tracksuit a modern day wardrobing update. From full monty (top and bottom tracksuit attire) to hoodie only, I wanted to show how both ways work with the simple change of bottom half! From velour to sequins (also from Juicy Couture this season), I’m presenting two day looks that are easily wearable for dressing up or dressing down the afternoon. All parts Juicy Couture with a pinch of nostalgia and I’m a smiling bunny just thinking of how much fun this was to shoot! 

Written in collaboration with Juicy Couture.


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