Style Update: Swanning through life

Every single morning, believe it or not, I’m the woman screaming at her closet saying “I have nothing to wear.” No really, I realize the irony in this situation. I’m supposed to be the style advisor here, the person putting together that outfit of outfits. But, in all honesty, the struggle is real and it’s real for every single one of us. I imagine even Anna Wintour, although she’ll never admit it, probably greets her closet doors with silent frustration in the morning. But then, as I’m sure you all know, you have a day where it all just comes together. You reach for that skirt you love, the shirt you know brings out the happiness in your skin tone and the shoes that give you a certain strut. They all come together and work in such sweet harmony that you’re pretty sure you’ve somehow just changed the world a little for the better. No? Just me? 

What I’m wearing:

Marina Rinaldi Pink Silk Shirt, Marina Rinaldi Fringed Tube Skirt, Kate Spade Swan Bag, New Look Gem Shoes




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