Beauty Brand to Know Now: Allies of Skin

I have friends in high places in this crazy industry we call “beauty.” Wait a second, rereading that I see that it makes me sound pretentious and idiotic, but I promise it’s worth me putting my arse on the line to prove a point and it goes a little something like this. When a friend, who sits high atop said beauty world, hands me a trio of products and says, “this is your sleep in a bottle, thank me later,” I naturally take note. I then go home, read as much as I can about said product and put the regime into action. Now, the trio in question is from the brand Allies of Skin, a newbie on the block that’s already causing quite the hoopla and the trio is called the 24/7 kit. And guess what? That’s all the brand has to offer. They haven’t launched with a product range of 73, just three. Well, I shouldn’t say “just three” as, truth be known, I haven’t trialled a product packing this much punch in a while.

Before we get into what Allies of Skin’s 24/7 Kit is all about, let’s talk about background here. It won’t take long as the brand is pretty new to the world, and brand new to the UK (sold on Cult Beauty at the moment). The brand’s founder, Singaporean Nicolas Travis, wanted to create a regime that was fast, effortless and allows for us to get all the benefits that a normal 10 to 14 step programme would provide in just three steps.

Now, I’m not the only one going mad for these products. Allies of Skin’s press book already reads like a who’s who of beauty writers singing its praises. So really I’m writing this on the off chance that you haven’t been picking up your Sunday Supplements or flipping through the online pages of WWD. 

Now, here’s the skinny. Like I mentioned before, Allies of Skin 24/7 Kit contains three products. The first, and probably the one getting the most attention at the moment is the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist. This is what I like to think of as the backbone for the collection. You apply the spray to the face and neck before using either of the accompanying masks. The Molecular Saviour Toner sounds as intense as the name suggests. It works to calm, nourish, invigorate, kill bacteria, battle blemishes, and, well, basically it does everything but brush your teeth. Not only do you use it before and after the other two steps in the programme, you can also use the spray throughout the course of the day to top up on moisture and to create that lovely glow we all seem to lose by the tenth minute we’re on the tube in the morning. 

The next two steps are all about face mask. What? You thought masks were just for nighttime? Think again, sister. Allies of Skin’s 24/7 Kit includes the Overnight Mask and a All-Day Mask. The All-Day Mask is your fountain of youth for skin that is radiant and dewy all day long. It also acts as a warrior against daily pollution –  a must if you are a Londoner. Then you have you Overnight Mask. This is sleep in a bottle. The Overnight Mask works hard during those 8 hours of shut-eye. And if you aren’t lucky enough to get a full 8 hours, it more or less makes your skin looks like Sleeping Beauty’s. 

My first impression on this whole collection is this: “Whoa, momma.” As you guys know, I am pretty religious about always using one serum as part of my daily routine and I’ve thrown it to the side for this trial. I’ve been using it for ten days now and my skin does feel much more subtle and does look dewy indeed. Embarrassingly, I got asked yesterday if I was pregnant. Apparently I have a glow about me. I joked and replied, “well I have recently incorporated the work of a younger man into my life.” Naturally, I was referring to the Allies of Skin founder and his products. Sheesh, remove your mind from the gutter, won’t you?


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