Style Update: Rock’n’Roll Culottes

You may have noticed by now that I have this thing with rock t-shirsts. I blame my southern rock roots and the mix of my Camden living days in London. It might also have something to do with growing up with a father that was constantly listening to the best rock possible. Parents – you think that stuff doesn’t shape your children, but oh how it does! 

But, when it comes to rock t-shirts and my now vast collection, this one holds a special place. It’s a distressed old Led Zeppelin beauty. Oh, Led Zeppelin… “Does anyone remember laughter?” Now, yes, you can now buy a similar tee that is completely distressed (in fact you can buy one that looks nearly just like this one, link below), but it will take a thousand washes and a few snags here and there before yours is just as “ruined” as this one is. Yet, it’s my favorite way to dress down any outfit. Although, somehow I feel like there’s nothing dressed down here at all. I’m just showing support for musicians that changed the world. Surely that’s more a tribute than a dress down.

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Led Zeppelin T-shirt, Eileen Fisher Culottes, Marina Rinaldi Tuxedo Jacket, J Crew Shoes,
YSL bag


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