Style Update: Red, White, Blue and Turquoise

Alright, admittedly I am pushing the boundaries here with summer dresses and layering. I’m experimenting and seeing what works. How far can I drag out the warmer weather clothing? Basically, I’m just trying to stretch the summer favorites into autumn by adding a piece here or there. Some are working, some are falling flat, but I’ll continue to share in an effort to showcase the attempts. Feel free to judge. 

For today’s layering episode, I’m pairing a few old favorites with a summer Mango dress. I’ve mixed in a Whistles off-the-shoulder striped shirt with a Ralph Lauren western belt and Next suede tassel boots. Accessorized with a Boden Leopard print bag and vintage Ralph Lauren turquoise earrings, I’m starting to think this might as well be called the “everything in my closet but the hangers” ensemble. All my favorites, all in one place, all in one time. Aw, but does it work?



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