FFG Eats: Peyote, London’s modern Mexican

Give me a margarita and a bowl of guac and I’m a woman who is content with her situation in life. No, really, it’s that easy. We’re not talking too much effort here, folks. Just a simple great mixed drinks and a ramped up avocado. I think you’ll find I’m not alone here, yet it seems so hard for folks these days to get these simple pleasures right. But, never fear, last week I was introduced to an establishment that did turn my head. And yes, I must admit that it was the neon sign that read “Soup of the Day: Tequila” that told me I was in the right place at the right time. Down Cork Street I walked, straight into Peyote London

In fairness, I booked a table at Peyote having heard nothing of the brilliant life’s quote in neon. I had, in fact, discovered this South of the Border perfection via the Velocity App. Surprised? Nah, didn’t think so. I’m pretty much using them to book all dinners these days (download, I promise you won’t regret it). They describe themselves as Eclectic Modern Mexican and I would say that’s a pretty accurate description. The venue is impossibly posh and in my experience, great Mexican food is usually served in the least posh establishments, but I was taking a gamble. We walked in through a  heavy velvet curtain, and I did momentarily question my selection. Was there really a killer crab and avocado taco waiting for me behind this curtain or was I about to enter a provocative night club? Never fear, dear reader, is was an eatery! 

Our first order of business was in requesting a drink. I asked what was good and I was told I absolutely had to have the house margarita. After hearing the description, I wasn’t sure it was right for me, so I asked for the strawberry margarita instead (don’t judge… sometimes a girl just needs a fruity moment). However, my Peyote waiter seemed to know me better than I knew myself. He brought me, and my guest, the house margarita. I was briefly annoyed. When you order something, you do so for a reason, right? But, here’s where things take a surprising turn. I was glad my waiter completely ignored my preference. The margarita was simply divine and came with an additional shot of very special tequila. I wish I could now remember what it was, but three drinks in, and me being a totally amateur, I forgot to take note. I will just tell you to let the wait staff take the lead. They seem to have a pretty good eye for what’s really needed rather than what you think you need.

As the drinks order went down so well, we thought we’d hand over the reins completely and asked Peyote to hit us with their best shot. This started with guac, naturally, and calamari. Both were delicious, perfectly flavourful and totally satisfying. I could have stopped there, but that would have ruined the beautiful line up of tacos that were hurled our way over the next half hour. We had the renowned crab and avocado tacos (just as good as everyone says they are), the beef short rib tacos, ceviche, patatas bravas and another round of drinks. We could have kept going, both with the drinks and the tacos, but we had big days that required early mornings ahead. So, with great reluctancy, we stood from the table (without wobbling), thanked the staff for allowing us to take annoying pictures with a flash, and made our way to the door.

On the way home, we discussed the night. Yes, the Velocity App had provided us with a place we would have never otherwise thought of venturing out to experience (as we found it in the “hustle and bustle” section of the app for London), and yes we were momentarily knocked for six when our waiter decided to disregard our own favorites and follow his own path. But, at the end of the night, we were excited for what we had come across and enthusiastic in our pledge to share our discovery with the world. And, well, that leads us where we are today – me telling you to try a posh Mexican joint in Cork Street, just behind Ralph Lauren in central London. Yeah, convenient that it’s just outside a shop I tend to live in these days. This certainly won’t be my first and last time eating at Peyote!


13 Cork Street

London W1S

Written in collaboration with Velocity. 


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