Video: 20 tips for packing the perfect carry-on!

For the past five years, I have more or less spent my life living out of a hundred different suitcases. In the beginning, I made big mistakes – never planning, throwing everything into the case but the kitchen sink and never seeming to have exactly what I needed when I needed it most. Oh, the drama. Nowadays, I have the process of packing down to a fine art. I’ve visited exotic destinations with some of the most well travelled individuals on the earth and I’ve always taken note of little tips their willing to hand out along the way. And I’ve been thinking, for some time, that it might be a good idea to share these little tips and tricks. So when CollectPlus asked me if I’d put together a tutorial of sorts for their followers, I was all too happy to oblige, especially as CollectPlus has become a mainstay in my arsenal of packing prep tips. 

For those of you unfamiliar with CollectPlus, allow me to introduce you to the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to online shopping. We all know it’s near impossible to get packages at home these days. I, for one, never seem to be home when the delivery man comes calling. CollectPlus have more or less solved that problem perfectly. They are a delivery service that works with over 300 online retailers, including places like ASOS, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and many more, and offer the opportunity for you to pickup your orders at over 5,800 locations around the UK, at your convenience. It’s simple for buying, trying and returning (if need be). I’ve been using them since the day I started shopping ASOS and I’ve never looked back. Alright, I think you are sufficiently clued in. 

Check out my tips for packing the perfect holiday carry-on below and make sure you check out the CollectPlus Wanderlust Wardrobe for tips on what to pack for this summer’s hottest locations. Whether you are travelling to the south of France, Miami, UAE or even on safari, CollectPlus have got tips on which items you need to pack!

Created in collaboration with CollectPlus


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